Commercial and Residential Irrigation

Irrigation Design & Installation

  • New Construction
  • Existing Lawns
  • Lake Pump Systems

Service and Troubleshooting

  • Start-up and Winterizations
  • Repair and Additions

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Drainage Correction

  • Drain Tile
  • Catch Basins
  • Down Spout Burial

Like any permanent improvement, a lawn sprinkler will add value to your home. When installed in conjunction with a new landscape, it also helps to protect your initial investment and takes the guesswork out of caring for your yard. Automatic irrigation systems are convenient, especially for those who travel or want additional free time when they are at home.

When installed and programmed properly, automatic systems can even help in water conservation. Homeowners no longer have to drag a hose or oscillator around the yard, wondering if they have watered the right areas for a long enough time. These methods not only waste water, but neither targets plant roots. By using an automatic irrigation system, specific areas can be targeted thus promoting water conservation.

Superior Lawn & Landscape, Inc. has the added benefit of being able to design the irrigation system specifically for your watering needs. Each system is customized according to the landscape plan and conditions of your site. We can even install separate shrub zones, since most plants don't need to be watered as often as grassy areas.

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Once installed, our irrigation specialists continue to make sure your system is running properly. We do start-ups in spring, turning the system on for the season, and check to make sure there is still proper coverage. We provide optional maintenance throughout the watering season. Fall winterizing prevents lines from freezing over the winter months. We have experienced service technicians to handle any problems you may have with your existing system.

All of our systems are warranted for parts and labor for three years as long as we provide spring start-up and winterization. Full coverage of open lawn areas is guaranteed. Contact us to have your irrigation system professionally designed and installed.